Know These Unseen Sources Of Germs In Kitchen

You can wash the utensils and kitchen towels with detergent to keep it clean and hygienic. However, there are many hidden places in your kitchen that can be the home for germs and bacteria. Cleaning the kitchen floor, slab, gas stove, oven and exhaust fan is not enough. You have to focus on these small sources of germs in your kitchen.Here are some unseen sources of germs in kitchen.

Unseen sources of germs in kitchen are:

1.Cutting board: Chopping vegetables on the cutting board is a regular task. But, just washing it with water or a detergent bar is not enough. The germs get collected in the gauges and handles of the cutting board. Few seeds and juice of vegetables such as tomatoes or green chillies stick on the board and will not go easily. Cross-contamination can occur if you do not clean the board thoroughly. Wash the cutting board after every use. Use separate cutting boards for both vegetables and meat cutting. This reduces the chances of cross-contamination.

2.Kitchen sink: Storing dirty utensils in the sink for a period of time can lead to the growth of germs and bacteria. Always throw the leftover foods from the utensils before keeping them inside the sink. Raw food particles are a home for the germs and bacteria to breathe. Wash the kitchen sink with hot water and detergent regularly. Add a pinch of baking soda to kill the breathing germs and bacteria from the kitchen sink corners.

3.Dish towels: You use it all day long to wipe off wet utensils or carry hot dish pans to the table. Wet clothes and damp places are a place in the kitchen were bacterias and germs can easily grow. Make it a habit to put the dish towels to dry after every use. Clean them with hot water and baking soda to keep it hygienic.

4.Sponges and scrubs: As mentioned earlier, wet and damp places are the best places for germs and bacteria to grow. Change the sponges and scrubs every month to maintain hygiene in your kitchen. Squeeze them after every use and let it dry. Keep the sponge and scrub with the dish soap at an open place that dries off quickly.

5.Knife stand: Wooden knife stands are a home for bacteria. Never keep wet knives in the stand. Wood absorbs water and moisture easily and can become the place for germs and bacteria. Prefer steel or plastic knife stands as they can be washed, dried and cleaned easily.

6.Kitchen rack handles: We always open the kitchen rack for taking out spices, other ingredients and containers. In a haste, we do not see that we touch the handle with wet or dirty hands. For example, touching the rack handle after cutting vegetables can be dirty. Always clean the kitchen racks especially the handles with water and soapy solution. This kills the germs and also cleans the rack that might be covered up with grease and oil.

These are the unseen sources of germs in kitchen.

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