Know These Unhealthy Toppings Found On A Pizza

Pizza’s not only have a ton of fat and calories, they also contain a whole lot of toppings which is not good for health. When you consume these toppings on that slice of pizza, you are only adding more fuel to the fire. You are adding more calories to your body and thus this increases your weight as well.Moreover, pizza toppings have all the fats and the excess empty nutrients which serve you no purpose at all. If you want to stay healthy, it is advisable to enjoy a pizza without that layer of sticky cheese, forget those so called salad dressings of spinach and tone down the meat toppings as well since it will only add to the carbs and increase your cholesterol levels in the body.Here are some unhealthy toppings found on a pizza.

Unhealthy toppings found on a pizza are:

1.Cheese: The layers of cheese that is used on pizza as topping contain a whole lot of calories. Cheese is a dairy product and is good for the bones and teeth, but too much of it will only add to weight gain.

2.Meats: Red meat is not good for the human body. If you want to control or bring down your high blood pressure level, stay away from meats. It is advisable to only opt for lean meats like chicken or turkey which in simple words are healthier since they contain more of protein and less of calories.

3.More Of Eggs: If your confused… too much consumption of eggs is not good for the body, especially the yolk. The egg yolk can increase your bp levels and if consumed daily it will play havoc on your heart health.

4.Sauces: The sauces that is used on pizza as topping is not good for health since they contain a whole lot of ingredients which might hamper with the body’s immunity. Moreover, these sauces contain artificial preservatives which gradually affects the body over a period of time.

5.Spinach: When spinach is over cooked it becomes limp in nature. This is when the leafy greens loses it’s vitamins and nutrients, so basically consuming it in this way will provide no nutrition to the body.

These are the unhealthy toppings found on a pizza.

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