Know These Trending Berry Lip Colours For Monsoon

Every season comes with its own set of unique lipstick shades. The trending lip colours for monsoon are berry shades. Berry lips colours are basically the natural shades of various citrus berries like strawberries, mulberries etc. These berry lips colours are perfect for the wet season. Monsoon makeup needs to be bright to beat the dull weather.While some of these lipstick shades are very bright, some are subdued and more suitable for day wear. That is why, you will certainly find the right berry lip colour suiting your complexion and taste.Here are some berry lip colours for monsoon.

Berry lip colours for monsoon are:

1.Strawberry Red: This bright and delicious red colour resembles the insides of a fresh strawberry. Wear it safely with white and black. It will suit on any kind of complexion.

2.Goji Berry Maroon: This lip colour can be technically described as maroon. But the berry list, it is the colour of a ripe goji berry. The deeper shade of red is ideal for the yellows, blues and greens in your wardrobe.

3.Slight Honeysuckle: This light berry shade is akin to honeysuckle which is rare berry. Wear it in the day time to keep your look subtle.

4.Nude Mulberry: Mulberries have a strange colour that comes in between purple and pink. This is a nude and shiny shade of that colour. It looks best with fiery oranges.

5.Raspberry Pink: Raspberries have a vivid pinkish-red colour. This pink lipstick is inspired from that fresh natural pink. Wear it with shimmery colours like golden and silver.

6.Black Currant: This dark magenta lip colour is like the juice dripping from an over-ripe blackberry. If you are very fair, then it is the lip colour for you.

7.Mountain Berry Pink: This subdues yet fresh hue for your lips it ideal for a sensual makeup. Wear it in the evenings with pastel coloured clothes.

8.Cranberry Red: Cranberries are a special variety of berry that are known for their blood red colour. If you want bloody lips to make your makeup bright, then this is the colour for you.

9.Wine Berry Lips: This dark maroon colour resembles the shade of grapes for making wine. That is why, it safe to call it as wine colour. This colour goes best with dark shades of blue and black.

These are the berry lip colours for the monsoon.

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