Know These Toughest Places To Clean At Home

We do not clean certain places at home out of habit. It is like a mental map we have made of our home and we habitually skip these places while cleaning. Here are some the places that makes your home look dirty because you either overlook them or delay cleaning them perpetually.

Toughest places to clean at home are:

1.Window Channels: If you have sliding windows then the dust will settle on it for a long vacation until you finally remove the vacuum cleaner from the loft. Yes, the bad news is that you can clean the channels of your sliding windows only with vacuum cleaners and most of the time you are too lazy to use it.

2.Grills: The grills on your doors, windows and balconies will keep burglars at bay, but it cannot escape the dust and pollution of the city. No matter how often you clean the grill, dirt settles on in the next day. Even daily cleaning will not keep them chaste.

3.Box Beds: Most of us buy box bed i.e. bed that have a cavity to store things, thinking that it will be useful for storage. What we do not estimate is the amount of filth that will be stored in it along with your things. Every time you pull up the bed to take or keep something, you are totally alarmed by the amount of dust in it.

4.All Corners: It is an innate human tendency to stuff things in corner. When ever you see an empty corner, you place some piece of furniture there. Your refrigerator, cupboards etc. are all occupying corners. Thus, it is the unfortunate corners that do not get the benefits of daily cleaning.

5.Remote Controls: Most of us abuse our remote controls. And after bearing the brunt of our frustration, the remote controls do not even get a proper cleaning. Imagine how tiresome it is to clean in between the buttons of a remote control.

6.Ceiling & Exhaust Fans: That good old weekend when you are actually meant to clean all the fans in your house hardly ever comes. The problem of height and proximity make it a difficult and one of the toughest places to clean at home.

These are the toughest places to clean at home.

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