Know These Tips To Prepare For Mock Interview

Everyone is scared of interviews especially freshers. You use your your brain and smart skills to prepare for the interview. You are anxious before facing the interviewer and thus to throw a nice impression, you start taking mock interviews.Here are some tips to prepare for mock interview.

Tips to prepare for mock interview are:

1.Review questions: You need to be aware of the most commonly asked questions. This helps you perform better. Impressive answers add points to your interview. Most commonly asked questions such as “Tell about yourself”, What are your strengths and weaknesses”, “Why this job?” should be prepared. You can practice on these questions during mock interviews.

2.Body Language: Too much stiffness can show your nervousness whereas, excessive gestures and body movements can show over-confidence. You should have the perfect body language for the interview. While preparing your interview, sit in front of the mirror and observe your body language, gestures and hand movements. You should be neutral which means not too rigid or flexible. Little hand movements are fine when required.

3.Confidence: You should be confident of your talent, skills and achievements. This helps you perform better. Nervousness can only spoil the interview. When you prepare for mock interviews also, just work on your confidence. This impresses the interviewer.

4.Be prepared: You should know the background of the company. When you prepare for mock interviews also, pick some companies related to your field and start researching. You should also try to find solutions to the issues. The interviewer can ask you solutions to issues on current affairs.

These are the tips to prepare for mock interview.

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