Know These Super Foods That Make You Happy

There are a list of foods and nutrients that benefit our well being. Diet on the whole, has a tremendous effect on our health, especially when it comes to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. To stay fit, you need not have to eat only one specific food. A variety and a mix is what is needed for the overall health. This is the reason that we are here to share the list of super foods that make you happy.Here are some super foods that make you happy.

Super foods that make you happy are:

1.Legumes: Foods that are rich in magnesium play a key role in keeping you happy as it plays a core role in the energy of your body. A deficiency of magnesium makes you feel low and tired. This is one of the super foods that make you happy. Include them in your diet.

2.Spinach: Spinach is one of the best source of iron that helps to deliver energy sustaining oxygen to your cells. This is one of the best super-foods that can easily pep up your moods.

3.Quinoa: Quinoa is a complex carb that gives a steady stream of energy. It has nine different essential amino acids which our body fails to produce. These amino acids help in protein synthesis which help the body to increase your energy levels.

4.Tomatoes: An antioxidant lycopene, is present in tomatoes. This reduces inflammation of lungs and the cells that secrete mucus which are responsible for allergens. Eating concentrated lycopene helps to enhance your mood swings. This is one of the best super-food to stay happy.

5.Dark Chocolate: We all know about this food. It helps to elevate your mood in just few seconds as it gives an instant boost and increases your concentration and improves your blood flow to the brain. Thus, making it among the list of super-foods that make you happy.

6.Grass-fed Beef: Studies suggest that animals that are fed on grass pasture have high levels of healthy conjugated linoleic acid which is a happy fat that combats stress hormones and blasts belly fats. This has low fat content and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

7.Asparagus: This is rich in tryptophan which helps to secrete serotonin, which is one of the mood regulating neurotransmitters. It is also rich in folate which helps to fight depression. This is another super-food that makes one happy.

8.Honey: Honey has many antioxidants and is one of the best foods for all types. Honey helps to keep your brain healthy and it also wards off depression. Use honey instead of sugar as it has less calories than sugar.

9.Eggs: Eggs are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamins-B and proteins. As it is rich in proteins, it keeps you full and energised for long. This helps you to stay happy for long and prevents crankiness.

10.Coconut: Coconut is filled with triglycerides that help you keep your brain stronger and healthy which in return affects your mood swings. Try to include this food in the regular meals as it helps to boost up your mood swings.

These are the foods that make you happy.

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