Know These Steps To Make A Teddy Bear From T-Shirt

To make a teddy bear at home is no rocket science. In fact in stead of the boringly monotonous teddies you get in the soft toy stores the ones you make at home will be much more interesting to look at.You can surprise your partner with a gift that is a handmade craft on the special day. If you learn to make soft toys with whatever is available at your home then you’ll save money and also manage to give a special gift to your beloved.

Things You Need To Make Teddy Bears:

Old T-shirt or shirt
Cardboard and pencil
Big pair of scissors
Thick needle
Strong spool of thread
Soft material for stuffing
Buttons for eyes
Red cloth for mouth

Steps to make a teddy bear from T-shirt:

1.First of all, draw an outline of the teddy bear on the cardboard. Lay out the t-shirt on the cardboard and trace the lines to form the teddy bear on it.

2.Now with the pair of big scissors cut out the outline of the teddy bear. The purpose of using big scissors is so that it covers maximum surface area. The cut out should not look jagged because you have tried to cut at the same place twice.

3.Now it is stitching time. Choose a thread of a colour closest to the t-shirt and stitch up the sides. Leave enough space to stuff the teddy bear after you make it.

4.You can use cotton, left over cloth and any soft dry material that makes it cozy for stuffing the teddy. Stuff in through the head cavity and then stitch up the neck to close it.

5.You need two black buttons to sew up on the face to make its eyes. You can draw eyebrows with a black marker.

6.The mouth will be formed with a piece of red cloth. Cut it out in the half moon shape of a smile and stitch it to the lower portion of the face.

7.The nose has to be raised because that is the special feature of your teddy. Made the nose for your handmade craft with a help of a separate bundle of cloth. Stitch it in the appropriate place. You can also make the nose conical.

8.When you have made the soft toy at home, tie a red ribbon around its neck to signify ‘love’.

These are the steps to make a teddy bear from T-shirt.

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