Know These Signs Of A Well Groomed Baby

Babies are like angels and that is why all babies are beautiful. However, our modern sensibilities have set some propriety standards even for babies. That is why grooming your baby has become important. New parents cannot allow the baby to get grubby because it reflect badly on the parents. The parenting techniques and standards have changed over the ages. That is why parents need some basic grooming tips to keep their baby in prim and proper condition. For example, the baby must be diapered properly most of the time. If you baby urinates on your bestfriend it is no longer considered cute. These grooming tips also come into play when it comes to personal hygiene. For grooming a baby, it is vital that you bathe him or her regularly.

Earlier you may never have associated a baby with body odour. But babies do stink of milk. So while grooming your baby, you need to put fragrant baby powder on them. The most important grooming tip for babies is to ensure that no signs of neglect show on them. Rough skin, dirty nails and oily hair show that the new parents do not spend enough time grooming the baby.Here are some signs of a well groomed baby.

Signs of a well groomed baby are:

1.Well Cut Nails: Cutting baby nails is a tricky affair. But you need to do it regularly with lots of patience.

2.Baby With Clean Teeth: Once your baby starts teething, get into the habit of brushing twice a day. You can also give them a mild baby mouth wash.

3.Decent Hairstyle: Your baby does not look cool with weird hairstyles. Make sure your baby has an acceptable and decent hairstyle.

4.Bathe Baby: Your baby must be bathed at least thrice a week in the winters and regularly in the summers. It is a hygiene issue.

5.Stink-Free Baby: They do stink of milk. So wash them well and apply baby powder after every bath.

6.Baby In Smart Clothes: Never keep your baby in shabby and ill-fitting clothes. Your baby must wear smart clothes that fit them well and are dry too.

7.Baby Hair Must Be Combed: No matter how little hair your baby has, it must be combed every day. It stimulates hair growth.

8.Bip For The Little One: Always tie a bip around your baby’s neck before feeding. The baby will get really clumsy without it.

9.Baby Soft Skin: The notion of ‘baby soft skin’ is not a fake. A baby that is cared for has really soft skin. Massage your child’s skin with baby lotion everyday.

10.In The Baby Shoes: Never take your baby outside the house without shoes. It is both unhealthy and uncouth.

11.Not In His Birthday Suit: Do not leave the baby naked for a long period of time. It is in very bad taste.

12.No Diaper Disasters: The baby must be diapered whenever he/she is sleeping or going out. Even if people are visiting you, keep the baby diapered.

These are the signs of a well groomed baby.

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