Know These Safety Tips for Traveling Students

Every year as Onam rolls around, college students get excited to return home for a nice home-cooked meal and some quality time with family and friends. For new students who may have only recently gotten used to campus life and how to keep themselves safe in their new environments, traveling alone may present a new challenge.Here are some safety tips for traveling students.

Safety tips for traveling students are:

1.Always lock your door before leaving your room. This is an obvious tip whether you are traveling on a long trip or simply leaving your room to go to class.

2.Do not prop any exterior doors when transporting you belongings outside the residence hall. This will allow unescorted visitors into the building, putting all residents at risk.

3.Report any malfunctioning locks, doors or windows to your residence life staff before leaving on break.

4.Don’t start packing or loading up a car without keys in hand. Make sure not to leave your keys in your room.

5.Do not leave messages on your door about when you will be returning. There’s no need to promote the fact that you aren’t available to watch your residence.

6.If your roommate or suitemate is not going home for Thanksgiving break, make sure they know when you will be gone and for how long.

7.Secure your valuables and engrave expensive items with identifying information before going away.

8.Always lock your doors and windows, especially if you reside on the first or second floor of your building.

9.Do not leave your identification, keys, wallets, checkbooks, or other valuables in open view.

These are the safety tips for traveling students.

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