Know These Playground Safety Tips For Kids

Kids love playgrounds as they are the places where they can play happily. In fact, kids should be allowed to play more in the grounds as it is a lot healthier than watching TV or sitting in the classrooms.Also, kids can experiment a lot and learn new physical skills when they run and climb things in the play ground. It is good to supervise your playing kids in the starting stages as playground injuries are dangerous.

A survey claims that 60% of kid’s injuries happen in the playground. Ensure that your kid wears appropriate clothing before sending him or her to the playground.There are some steps for playground safety for toddlers. For example, a slide in the playground may get heated in the hot sun and when a kid suddenly tries it, his skin may get burnt. So, such situations bring playground safety for preschoolers into the picture.Here are some safety tips for kids in playground.

Playground safety tips for kids are:

1.Before you allow your kid to play in a particular playground, first check whether all play equipment available there is in proper working condition. Rusted swings and merry-go-rounds may prove to be dangerous.

2.Check the ground. Generally, soft sand should be filled in order to prevent injuries if a kid falls down accidentally.

3.Check whether the safety measures are implemented. Barriers and guard rails must be there in order to prevent the risk of injuries.

4.Ensure that there is enough empty space left between the slides, see-saws and merry-go-rounds. Enough space can prevent kids falling on each other when they are busy running around.

5.Examine the surfaces of the play equipment. If there are nails, joints or rusted corners, they may catch the clothes of your child and may cause injuries.

These are the safety tips for your child at playground.

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