Know These Natural Air Freshners For Your Home

Any substance that emits a beautiful air fragrance is usually termed as an air freshener. Artificial air sprays contain artificial chemicals that can be harmful for your health. People with asthma are seriously affected by it as some of them have chemical allergies.Here are some natural air freshners for your home.

Natural air freshners are:

1.Natural Oils: Use scented oils as natural freshener for your rooms. Use the flavour that you like. Take one tablespoon of any scented oil and mix it with half cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water. Shake the ingredients well. Now pour it into a spray container. You can use grapefruit, olive or lemon oils for the purpose of making a natural air freshener for home. Now spray this natural air freshener in all your rooms and find the air filled with a lovely fragrance.

2.Flower Extracts: Take a pick of your favourite flower for an ideal natural deodorizer. You may go for jasmine, rose or lavender. The striking smell of these flowers is stimulating. Take the petals of these flowers and boil them in water over a medium flame for at least 30 minutes. Now strain the water and pour it into a spray bottle. Let it cool. Sprinkle this natural freshener all over and feel the invigorating essence.

3.Diffusers: Wonder how to prepare a natural diffuser? Well it’s very easy. You need a long necked container, some flowers and some willow tree sticks for the purpose. Boil some flowers of your choice in essential oils like olive or lemon. Strain away the flower petals and pour the oil into the long necked container. Now break the willow sticks according to your convenience and dip it in the oil. The more the number of willow sticks the better the fragrance of this natural freshener.

4.Spices: Pick your favourite spices, be it cloves, cinnamon, cardamom etc. Boil them in water over a high flame for 20-25 minutes. Now drain the water apart and pour it in a spray bottle. Fill your room with the lovely smell of these Indian spices.

5.Bee wax Candles: Don’t go for artificial candles in the market. Burn natural bee wax candles at home. It emits a soft smell that tickles our senses and is a very good natural air freshener.

These are the natural air freshners for your home.

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