Know These Healthy Foods That Are Not So Healthy

We usually try our best to avoid unhealthy foods and include more of healthy foods in our diets. We do this hoping that healthy foods will make us stay healthy and happy.It doesn’t mean that you have to live the rest of your life in fear, but it is a fact that even some healthy foods do cause minor disturbances, if you consume them in excess. It is good to embrace moderation, even if your choices are truly healthy.

Some simple healthy choices that we make in our daily diets are quitting coke and drinking fresh fruit juices instead, replacing white bread with brown bread, snacking on dry fruits instead of eating burgers, and so on.Here are some of the healthy foods that are actually not healthy.

Healthy foods that are not so healthy are:

1.Whole Grains: We believe that ditching refined carbs is a good thing. We then embrace whole grains- which is also a good thing. But why do you still feel heavy after eating a few slices of brown bread? Well, as fibre cannot be digested fast, you may feel heavy. In fact, it is one of the healthy foods that make you feel bloated.

2.Green Tea: Green tea offers many health benefits. But the problem is when you consume too much of it, the caffeine content in it may start bothering you. It is a diuretic and may also cause stomach issues and disturbed sleep if consumed in excess.

3.Raw Veggies: There is no doubt that raw veggies are healthy, but some of them do contain certain nutrients that are not digestible easily. This may cause bloating or digestive issues. So, steamed vegetables are better options to include in your diet than raw veggies.

4.Dairy: Though dairy products are very healthy due to their nutrients, excessive consumption may cause issues such as diarrhoea, gastric troubles, and other digestive issues.

5.Sugar-Free Gums: It may seem to be a healthy option to choose sugar-free gums instead of the sugary ones. However, certain ingredients like sorbitol and manitol present in them can make you feel bloated and gassy.

6.Fruit Juices: They are good for health, but conditions apply. If you have the habit of adding sugar to your fruit juices, and if you strain the juice leaving all the fibre content aside, then your juices are no longer healthy. They simply may cause sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels and may also add up to your calorie consumption.

7.Dry Fruits: Snacking on dry fruits is surely healthier than snacking on other processed foods. But if your portion sizes are too big then you are again inviting digestive issues and gas problems.

These are the healthy foods that are not so healthy.

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