Know These Difference Between Love And Attachment

Most of us do get confused at times and that is why we get stuck-up in relationships and tend to get disappointed when things don’t work in our favour. So, it is better to understand the difference between love and attraction. When you’re attracted to a person only at a physical level, you might get disappointed sooner or later when the attraction fades away.

In some cases, you may have positive feelings for the other person, but thats’ just about it. You might not feel the need to take it further or concretise the relationship. Maybe, that is the difference between love and affection. All of us crave to really know what’s love because we tend to get confused when we enter into a relationship. Its only when you know the difference between love and attachment that you tend to take the right decision, without getting washed away in a flood of emotions that can simply land you in to trouble later on.Here are some difference between love and attachment.

Difference between love and attachment are:

1.There Is No Insecurity In Love: Text him/her to see if he/she replies back immediately. If your partner fails to get back immediately or if you feel insecure, you may be more into the attachment phase than love. In true love, there is no room for any insecurity.

2.Talk About Your Contribution: In love, you would happily contribute your efforts without talking much about it. However, if you are complaining all the time about how much you do in the relationship then think again; it might not be love.

3.You Accept His Or Her Flaws: Though you know that your partner isn’t perfect, you accept him or her wholeheartedly if your love is true. If you are blaming him or her all the time reminding how much you are really struggling to accept the shortcomings of your partner then you may be just in an attachment phase that might never reach the stage of true love.

4.You Will Value The Other Person More: In love, you would value the other person more than yourself, whereas in the attachment phase, you are just addicted to the other person’s company.

These are the difference between love and attachment.

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