Know These Creative Uses Of Ice Cube Trays

An ice cube tray may be used in multiple ways other than just making ice in the refrigerator.Ice cube trays are available in a multitude of shape, sizes and colours. Apart from being good looking they can be easy to use for various home improvement purposes.Here are some creative uses of ice cube trays.

Creative uses of ice cube trays are:

1.Paint: You may consider using an ice cube tray for mixing the paint colours while you paint pictures. You can also store thinners and glue for the same purpose. Why buy some similar thing from the artists supply store at a much higher rate when you have a cheap substitute at home.

2.Store Bolts, Beads And Pins: Many people are often in the habit of losing small things. Use an ice cube tray to store small bolts, beads and pins that you keep losing. You need it, you can get it the next time without much searching or squandering for the same. They are both easy to store and find when needed. This is probably one of the best home improvement ideas that you can put to practice.

3.Store Jewellery: Ice cube trays are an excellent place for storing small earrings or or other jewellery pieces. Explore the tray uses to the best by keeping one at your desk or in front of the mirror. So, you can keep your small pieces in the tray instead of keeping it here and there. Get rid of the fear of losing your small pieces of jewellery by storing them in it.

4.Spices: You need a lot of spices while cooking. It might be powdered or whole. Ice cube trays are an ideal storing space for it. Keep one or two ice cube trays in your kitchen and start dumping all the spices in the different cubes. It will be very comfortable for you as it has many small divisions. You can also store the same in the refrigerator by covering it with a plastic wrapper.

5.Popsicles: You do not need to buy a separate mould for Popsicles any more. This is one of the most easy and convenient home improvement ideas. Among the varied tray uses one is that you can make Popsicles in them. Fill the tray with the juice or mashed fruit of your choice and cover it with a foil or plastic wrapper. Insert an ice-cream sick through it and after refrigeration your Popsicles are ready.

These are the creative uses of ice cube trays.

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