Know These Bathroom Ideas To Create Blissful Spa

If you think you can’t afford to go to the spa all the time, then, here are a few Bathroom ideas and tips for bath spa on how you can turn your regular bath tub into a relaxing and truly rejuvenating home.After a long day, you naturally would want to relax in hot water that whirls around you, massaging and loosening your tired muscles, eventually lulling you into a sleep.Here are some bathroom ideas to create blissful spa.

Bathroom ideas to create blissful spa are:

1.Paint your bathroom a pleasant color (colors like white and light beige do not invoke feelings of relaxation).

2.Hang your favorite picture in front of your tub if you don’t want to sit and stare at a blank wall, hang up something that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

3.To set your mood listen to your favorite music by Setting up an ipod with speakers in the bathroom. One with a remote control.

4.Put a waterproof bathtub pillow at the back of the tub to recline and enjoy your bath.

5.Hang your favorite tub accessories and items on a decorative bar. This keeps things neat and within reach as well as looks decorative.

6.Get a quality callous stone for rubbing those rough spots off your feet and elbows. Switch out your old shower head for a massaging one to melt away stress.

7.Set up a large pillar candle in a hurricane lamp. There’s no need to go overboard with candles. A single flickering candle in a dim bathroom is very relaxing.

8.Light the candle and dim the lights when you take your bath.

9.Scents are proven to affect mood. So try those lavender, rose, jasmine, juniper berry, apple cardamom or geranium fresheners in soothing scents to relieve your stress and freshen your mood.

10.Aromatherapy is the important bathroom idea that will not only freshen but also reduce stress in your life by turning your bath into spa.

11.Pick faucets with flourishes for a French feel, or faux bamboo handles can transport you to an exotic paradise. Try the old-world charm of bronze. Or go modern with sleek, fibre. Pedestal sinks can be pretty and luxurious.

12.If you are on a budget you can still turn you bathroom into a home bath spa by adding some linens and simple toilet accessories. Bubble baths, oils, scented homemade soaps and soft towels can be the best bathroom idea to increase your enjoyment of a room.

These are the bathroom ideas to create a blissful spa.

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