Know These Basics To Travel With Newborn Baby

Babies are no longer born at home. That is why some amount of travel with your newborn is absolutely necessary. For example, you will have to travel with your newborn by car from the hospital to your home. But we are not talking about minimal travel. What you must be really concerned about is whether or not you can travel a long distance with your newborn baby. According to the Indian tradition, a newborn baby and mother are confined to the house for 40 days. This is a time for the mother to recuperate from the traumas of childbirth and the baby to be protected from any infections. Here are some basics to know about to travel with newborn baby.

Basics to travel with newborn baby are:

1.If you want to travel by flight with your newborn, then there are some specifications. Your baby needs to be at least a few weeks old. Different airlines have their own guidelines as far as travelling with newborn babies is concerned.

2.If your baby is premature or suffers from some sort of congenital illness, then you need to inform the airlines about it.

3.While travelling with newborn in a flight, your need to be wary of one thing. Sometimes, the ears of the baby get plugged due to air pressure changes. This causes pain in the eardrums and thus the baby might be cranky throughout the flight.

4.If you are travelling by train, then there is no restrictions of age. Your baby might even enjoy the rocking motion of the train. But make sure you pack all essential medications for the baby and large supplies of clothes and nappies.

5.When you are travelling by car with your newborn, always use a baby car seat. Do not sit with the baby in your lap for long distances; it is for your baby’s safety in case of an uneven break or jerk.

6.Also use sun-shades to block out the harsh sun from falling on your baby’s delicate skin and eyes. Make sure your baby is hydrated. Do not place the baby seat right in front of the air-conditioner because the baby might catch cold.

7.By the time your baby is 3 months old, it is absolutely safe to travel with the baby by car, train or flight.

These are the basics to know about to travel with newborn baby.

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