KM Mani honoured at British Parliament Hall

Thiruvananthapuram, Sept 8, 2012:  Kerala Congress leader and Finance-Law Minister K M Mani, who holds a record as a legislator in the Kerala Assembly for an uninterrupted 47 years, representing Pala constituency, added one more feather in his cap on Thursday by addressing the Indo-British Parliamentary Group at a meeting held at the committee hall of the British Parliament in London.

Speaking on the occasion, Mani, who is also the architect of the ‘Theory of the Toiling Class’, said that the Indian Constitution was modelled on the basis of the parliamentary democracy followed in the UK and was a source of inspiration, hope and strength for democracies all over the world. He said that the theory of toiling class could be viewed as the people’s socialism and was an alternative to communism and capitalism which had their own drawbacks and demerits.

(with news agency inputs)

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