Kerala prisoners to carve eco-friendly wooden, stuffed toys

After their chapathis and chicken delicacies became a huge hit, prisoners of the Central jail in Thiruvananthapuram will soon be foraying into a new arena to test their skills in making eco-friendly and stuffed toys.

The novel initiative is being launched at Poojapura central jail.

Toys available in the market are made of plastic and very expensive, which are beyond the reach of children of the lower income group, Poojapura central prison Superintendent S. Santosh said.

There was also huge demand for affordable eco-friendly toys made of wood and cloth, he said.

A workshop was recently conducted with the Child Development Centre (CDC) of the Medical college and the Poojapura central jail, to familiarise prisoners with the idea.

The aim is to utilise the services of women prisoners in making soft toys and male prisoners in the carpentry unit in the jail for wooden toys.

The main market of the Jail department is foreseeing nearly 3,000 aganwadis, the rural mother and child care centres in the state, which need affordable and inexpensive toys.

“The government gives them grants to purchase toys and we can supply the toys to them,” the official told.

The soft toys and eco friendly toys can also be marketed through the jail outlets, he said.

The three central jails in Kerala at Kannur, Viyyur in Thrissur and Thiruvananthapuram have Food and furniture making units, which have scripted huge success.

The chappathi and chicken curry units are a roaring success with huge demand for them as they are highly cost effective, the official said.


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