Interview Tips To Negotiate The Best Salary

Being in a job interview is a stressful affair. But, if you play by the rules, you may succeed. The most important part of a job interview comes when you negotiate the salary. If you are looking for a job change then you would obviously want a raise. You begin with a disadvantage because the HR personnel you are facing are experts in negotiating. You on the other hand, are a novice. No matter how many interviews you have faced, you cannot match your skills with a trained HR person. Interviews are what they do for a living. Thus, salary negotiation is an important component for a successful interview.Here are some interview tips to negotiate the best salary.

Interview tips to negotiate the best salary are:

1.You do not need to bother about your salary when you are a fresher. As a new comer your motto should be to learn as much as possible. So do not push too hard on your salary; just be persuasive enough. The thing to remember is, once you gain experience and know well about your job then a good salary will automatically fall in your arms in future.

2.Do not talk about the salary immediately. The HR will try to know your salary expectations but, you have to avoid it until the HR talks about it outright. The one who speaks first loses out. This is because once the HR person knows your expectations, they will get the time to form their negotiation strategy.

3.If you want to negotiate then the first rule is; you must know what the company wants from you. Learn from the HR what is the maximum salary they can offer and whether or not it is negotiable. Also, get into the minutest details of your job profile. This will help you justify your salary expectations.

4.Never beg or make promises. Some people are into the habit of saying that they will take up more responsibilities or work for longer hours for increasing their CTC (cost to the company). Such promises are a sign of desperation that will not allow you to negotiate a salary properly. It will make it clear to the HR that your demands are negotiable.

5.Go for the kill in the end. You must convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job without talking about the remuneration even once. Only in the end, you must mention that the best man comes with a price! This will also be a good show of your interpersonal skills apart from your other skill sets.

These are the interview tips to negotiate the best salary.

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