Inexpensive Ideas To Decorate Bathroom

However, a well decorated bathroom can explain a lot about your personal choice, cleanliness and hygiene. If you have a big spacious bathroom, you can use these cheap ideas to decorate it.

Affordable ideas to decorate your bathroom:

New towels and curtains: To make a bathroom look well decorated, put new towels and curtains. Prefer light coloured ones. Make sure the colour of curtains and towels matches with the theme of the bathroom. This makes the decor items gel with the room. You can either roll the dry towels and keep somewhere near the wash basin or hang them on the bathroom rods.

Clay/M-seal flowers: It is compulsory for a bathroom to have a mirror. Decorate your mirror with the given idea. Buy clay or m-seal from the market. Make different flowers out of the it and let it dry. Paint them with colours and then let it dry. Roll a big piece of clay and stick it on the corners of the mirror (stick on diagonally opposite corners). Spread it flat on the mirror surface and then stick the dried flowers on it. This is one of the easiest and fun filled idea to decorate the mirror in your bathroom.

Creative multipurpose stands: You can throw the old plastic or metal stand from your bathroom. Buy cheap multipurpose stands made with funny designs. For example, a stand designed with a cartoon character or animal can be a creative decor item in your bathroom. These stands are made with plastic and within your pocket. You can also go for glass multipurpose stands. Paint the glass outside and then use the all new coloured stand in your bathroom. Always pick up colours that blend with the bathroom theme.

Flower vase: A clean bathroom that smells good can make you happy. Bathrooms must smell good and not suffocated with vapours or steam. You can fill the space beside the wash basin sink by placing a flower vase. Place fresh flowers. Maintaining the flower vase can be a pain so, choose dried petals. They smell great and can be used for months. These petals can make your bathroom look great and smell good too!

Scented candles: Spread the aroma of scented candles in your bathroom. This is one of the cheap decor ideas to use in bathroom. You must have seen scented candles near a bath tub or wash basin. Sue these spaces to place scented candles. It is not just classic but a preferred idea to decorate your bathroom. Lights of candles will look good in the bathroom and aroma of these candles will be an addition to the decor!

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