Ideas For Decorating Home During Christmas

Go in for something new this time or maybe even something unusual. Here are some ideas that you can try out in your home & garden.

The Door

Let’s start with the entrance. Using wreaths are an adorable way to welcome guests into the house. Generally, evergreen leaves are used with some red ribbon tied to them. The wreath itself can be made out of bells in gold and silver or any colour of your choice. For a difference, use Christmas stockings with some greens around them. Another idea is to use two wreaths, one below the other, leaving a definite space in between.

Living Room

The main decor in the living room must definitely be the Christmas tree. Even if it is placed in a corner, it must be decorated in such a way that it garners attention. You can go in for some handmade stuff to be used on the tree this year. With the help of recyclable materials, snowflakes, angels, stars, and many other stuff can be made. If you like to keep it simple, just wrap some serial lights around the tree.

For The Chandeliers

Use hangings like stars, balls, musical instruments, angels to decorate the chandelier. All these must be hung from the light using threads and the striking factor is that they must be hung at different levels.

Dining Table

Candles can be used as centerpieces on the dining table. Seasonal fruits can be arranged on a platter with some edible glitter on them. Use table mats that resemble snowflakes.

The Windows

Border the upper half of your window with some evergreens. Pep up the look by using some candy canes. Dangle them from the top of the window in a linear fashion.

The Mantel

If you have a fireplace, it must be given priority for decoration. Reindeers can be placed above the mantel. Hang a set of different coloured stockings too. Just see to it that the colours match the colour tone of the entire space. You can also add evergreens to decorate the mantel.

The Stairway

Allure your guests to go upstairs with a stunning stairway. Illuminate the railings with serial lights. You can also opt for evergreens or even hangings tied onto a thread.

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