Ideas For Baby Boy Room Decoration

The boys decor will never have pinks and flowers. They like to be born tough and treated guyish, you may even find kids being proud of the little hair on face calling it beard and moustache.Here are some baby boy room decoration ideas to know.

Baby boy room decoration ideas are:

1.If you like racing then you decorate the baby boy room with the car theme. With cars painted on walls and decorated around crib, the decor will look colourful as well as boyish. A small car can also be bought to the room so that it helps the baby develop a liking for cars. You can even carpet floors like roads. The curtains can also have various car prints.

2.Boy baby room can also have a blue theme. Blue generally denotes boys and pink is all time reserved for girls. Nautical blue prints can be used for the bedding as well as for walls (wallpaper). Even the baby room accessories can be in blues and whites. You can dress your baby like a sailor and even make a mini ship in a corner.

3.For nursery room decorations, you can paint the walls of the baby boy room with the famous super heroes (like spiderman, superman or even captain planet). The baby will like it even when gets big. Cartoon bed spreads are easily available so buying them for the bed will match the decor theme. You can even post homemade thermocol cuttings of the toons.

4.You can also convert the baby boy room into a mini airport by painting or pasting airplane wallpapers. Airplane soft toys can be added on the crib. The crib itself can be converted into a cockpit. Getting the internet airplane designs scanned and framing it will add to the overall baby room themes.

These are the decoration ideas for baby boy room.

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