How To Teach Your Child Emotional Intelligence


If you want to develop your child as an emotionally intelligent person, you first need to know how to handle your emotions with intelligence. Remember that children basically do not know how to handle emotions unless someone teaches them the right way to feel. Like adults even kids do undergo various feelings every day. Feelings like anger, jealousy and fear are experienced by children too. Parents must explain the meaning of every emotion and teach children about what these emotions are about and how they play an important role in our lives. It is better to let children release their emotions in a safe way without repressing them. Emotions when not handled well, may spoil the psyche of the kid and this is not a healthy pattern at all.Here are some ways to teach your child emotional intelligence.

Ways to teach your child emotional intelligence are:

1.Acknowledge And Empathise: Sometimes, you know that your kid is upset about something but you can’t do anything about it. In such a case, it is very important to at least acknowledge the issue and empathise with your kid’s issue. When your kid understands that you have understood his or her issues there will be relief. Empathising with your kid’s issue doesn’t mean that you are agreeing with him or her but it would mean that you are viewing the situation through his or her shoes. This will keep your kid happy.

2.Allow Expression: It is important to let your kid express certain emotions. If your kid tries to express something, let him do it without any obstruction. If you disapprove some feelings, your kid may repress them which isn’t a good thing. Such repressed feelings try to shoot up in the wrong situations if they are trapped inside the subconscious mind for too long. When you start accepting your child’s feelings, he or she will feel safe to open up in front of you.

3.Listening: If you never show any interest in listening to your kid’s feelings, he or she will never feel like opening up to you. But once, you show interest in listening to your kid’s issues, you will realise that your kid will be more affectionate and close with you. Also, your kid will be more co-operative if you are a good listener.

4.Problem Solving: Emotions rise, stay and fade away. In this whole process, if one tries to repress them or try to escape them, they might wreck havoc. Most of us are scared of handling overwhelming emotions; so we try to deny them or escape. If you find your kid facing any trouble handling emotions, it is better to help him or her out. This is part of developing emotional intelligence in kids.

These are the ways to teach your child emotional intelligence.

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