How To Survive A Forced Marriage

Marriage is becoming quite a complicated affair these days. You are not quite sure who is the right guy for you, and you are off to being married. In case you have a guy in your life, getting married to another one is going to be a tough deal for you. But, it is not really going to be easy when you don’t have someone in your life. Just because your parents like him, it does not mean you get married to the person. But in case you have involved yourself in a forced arranged marriage, you need to survive it too.Here are some ways to survive a forced marriage.

Ways to marriage a forced marriage are:

1.Communicate With Each Other: When you ask how to survive an arranged marriage, the first tip offered would be communication. It is understandable that you really don’t wish to communicate with each other, but then you cannot refrain from it either. Though it is a forced marriage, you will need to try to make it work. Let’s say communication might solve your troubles and help you in surviving a forced marriage.

2.Get to Know Each Other: If you are willing to make the marriage work, even when you know it is a forced marriage, you could possibly begin by getting to know each other. That is one of the best ways to survive a forced marriage. Knowing each other would make you comfortable too. The comfort zone will help you solve the issue of how to survive arranged marriage.

3.More Responsibilities: When you are in a forced arranged marriage, you must remember that there are probably more responsibilities and expectations off you. You may not be ready, but the family you are in is ready to have you on board and begin the new life ahead. Make sure you understand that. Acknowledging that is the best way to surviving a forced marriage.

4.There is Another Person Involved: Always remember that you are the one who was forced into the marriage; probably your spouse was never forced into this marriage. He/she had the choice to choose and they chose you. You need to acknowledge this fact and start caring for the other person involved.

5.Get Rid of the Past: There was a past, and it was beautiful too. Probably you loved every bit of it, but now its time you moved away from your past. Your past is in the shadows and this marriage is your present. One of the best tips on how to survive forced marriage is to get rid of your past.

6.Begin Adjusting: You will obviously need to adjust to the new surroundings, and that cannot be done till you accept the new surroundings. Try talking your anxieties and worries with your husband and take his help to move on with this new life.

7.Spend More Time With Each Other: Till the time you don’t spend enough time with each other, you cannot know each other. If you ever have trouble knowing how to survive arranged marriage, you know it is by getting to know each other. Though it will be difficult, you will eventually start finding some common love.

8.Anger is Bad: You are angry that you are in this situation. It is obviously going to be hard, but you cannot just tell off your new family at any point. Getting angry would not solve anything for you. So the best thing would be to stay cool, and not pass any rude or harsh remarks.

9.Intimacy Issues: While your partner is waiting to get intimate with you, you are still not ready for that. Probably, you will need to talk it out with them and handle the situation at the earliest.

10.Patience is Necessary: Forced marriages are similar to being shoved down a grave in the dark. It can be frustrating and a claustrophobic experience. But with patience and some time given to the relationship, you will get over the rough phase.

11.Your In-Laws Can Help: In case you are unable to crack the tough shield your spouse has created, you can seek help from in laws. One of the best tips to survive forced marriages is to seek help from in laws to know more about your spouse and get closer to them.

12.Respect the Other: It is important that you respect this person you have married for that person to respect you. This would help you get more out of this relationship.

These are the ways to survive a forced marriage.

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