How To Store Chocolates In A Right Manner

The first thing that we do when we buy a bar chocolate is to put it in the refrigerator.Most people have this strange misconception that chocolates will start melting and therefore must be stored at low temperatures. And by low we mean sub-zero temperatures in the freezer.That is a wrong method for storing chocolates.Chocolates may start melting or loose their original flavour but they do not rot very easily. There are many aspects that you must keep in mind when you store chocolates. Here are some ways to store chocolates in a right manner.

Ways to store chocolates in a right manner are:

1.A cool and dark place is the ideal location to store chocolates. Just make sure it is not damp along with being cool and dark. Never store chocolates in damp places. Dampness brings up the sugar coat inside the chocolates. So the next time you bite into the chocolate, you taste the sugar and cocoa separately. The drawer in your office (when the air conditioning in on) is one of the best places to keep chocolates.

2.Once you remove the wrapper of a chocolate, you have to keep it in a closed container. Chocolate cannot be kept open without a wrapper or cover because it will attract ants and other insects due to its sweetness.

3.Keep chocolates away from things that have strong smells. Chocolates absorb odours very easily. So if you keep your chocolates next to the bananas in your refrigerator, then the chocolates will taste like banana flavoured ones in a day or two.

4.Never keep chocolates in the deep freezer. Chocolates need not be stored at temperature below the freezing point. They will just frost and become tasteless.

5.Do not keep chocolates in very warm temperatures for some time and then freeze it when it melts. This ruins the taste of pure cocoa. When the chocolates start melting, all the fat on it floats up. This forms a white layer on the top of the chocolate. This makes the chocolate a little gritty. The smoothness of its texture is gone.

These are the ways to store chocolates in a right manner.

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