How To Save Your Boring Marriage

The entire premise of society tells us to try and save our marriages because it is the most sacred family unit to depend on. Marriages are breaking up at the drop of a hat these days and that is not exactly a good thing. If you have a boring marriage then that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a ‘bad marriage’. Many marriages have serious relationship problems like verbal and physical abuse, adultery etc. So to break of a relationship like marriage just because you are bored is a tad bit irresponsible.Here are some ways to save your boring marriage.

Ways to save your boring marriage are:

1.You Are Not Alone: Almost 70 percent of the marriages are boring but that does not mean that husband and wife stop loving or needing each other. So you are not an exception and absolutely nothing abnormal is happening with you.

2.The Honeymoon Period Will End: Can you keep on being newly married for ever? Forget the possibility factor here; won’t it be terribly boring to be on a honeymoon for life? Do not expect the initial burst of passion that was there in your marriage to last forever. It will die down in month or may be years at the most.

3.Problem With Marriage Not Spouse: You have to always remember that your marriage has become boring not your spouse. So the problem lies with the marriage not your partner. Marriage includes both of you so the relationship problems could be from your end too.

4.Boring Marriage Too Can Have Love: You may be totally bored with what your mother says, but can you stop loving her? The key to save your marriage is to consider your spouse and your family (prior to marriage) on the same plain. Love after marriage exists even when partners are bored with each other.

5.Do Something Special: Often it is that one single spark of enthusiasm that is enough to ignite the passion hidden under crusts of lethargy. It is that one candle light dinner you plan or the sexy night wear you buy that will make your marriage work again.

6.Do Things Together: The biggest reason for falling out of love after marriage is that couples stop making time for each other. Make that special attempt to do your grocery shopping together or join a salsa class together. That will make you interact in a fresh atmosphere.

7.Marriage Counseling Works: Do not hesitate to go for marriage counseling if you can’t work out things on your own. Don’t hesitate to tell your partner either because he or she may be bored too. The rejection you feel on hearing that will help you work on your marriage.

These are the ways to save your boring marriage.

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