How To Remove Chewing Gum From Clothes


Removing chewing gum from clothes is one of the greatest laundry challenges, especially if it is already dry and hard. Nobody prefers to damage their favourite clothes by treating it with strong chemicals.Here are some ways to remove chewing gum from clothes.

Ways to remove chewing gum from clothes are:

1.Freezing: Freezing is a simple and easy technique to remove gum from your clothes. Keep the clothes in the freezer until the chewing gum hardens. Then, remove it with a knife or even with your fingernails. The gum will be brittle enough to be removed from the cloth. You can also use ice cubes and rub on the gum.

2.Warm vinegar: Apply warm vinegar on the gum and to the surrounding areas. Vinegar will help in breaking the stickiness. The gum will become soft, so that it will be easy to remove. Wash the cloth thoroughly after the treatment.

3.Nail polish remover: Apply a generous amount of nail polish remover over the gum and let it stand for some time. It will be easy to remove the gum with a small scrub, brush or a knife.

4.Ironing: If the cloth is safe to be ironed, you may try ironing. Place a brown paper or cardboard over the gum and iron it at the recommended high temperature. The heat will soften the gum and it will stick to the paper. Repeat the procedure with new pieces of paper until the gum is removed.

5.Submerge in hot water: Submerge the cloth in very hot water. While submerged, scrape off the gum with a brush or knife. Do it until the gum is pulled out. Remember to scrape only in one direction.

6.Isopropyl alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is an effective method. Soak a sponge in alcohol and rub on the gum. Keep it for some time and then remove the gum with a knife. Wash and dry the cloth.

7.Hair spray: Use your hair spray on the gum to make it hard. Pick the gum off by a knife. It will be effortless to remove the gum because it will break off easily.

8.Orange oil: Soak a sponge with orange oil. Rub this on the gum and keep for some time. Scrape off the gum with a sharp edged knife. Wash the cloth and dry.

These are the ways to remove chewing gum from clothes.

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