How To Reduce Feet Swelling During Pregnancy


Out of the many issues that one faces during pregnancy, the worst has to be swollen feet. This can not only be painful, but also make simple things like walking around an absolute chore.Luckily, there are alternative medicines that can be used to prevent or provide relief from swollen feet during pregnancy.The recommended amount of water intake for pregnant women is six to eight glasses per day. This is the most natural treatment for swollen feet. Drinking a good quantity of water during pregnancy helps to flush out all the toxins from the body.

It also increases the number of trips to the bathroom, which in turn expels additional water from the body. This helps to reduce the swelling in the feet as well as other areas of the body, like the face, which becomes puffy during pregnancy.One should also avoid standing in the same position for a long time, since this causes fluids to flow to the lower parts of the body, which in turn causes swelling in the feet.

Another way of getting rid of swollen feet during pregnancy is by lowering the quantity of salt consumption. Salt is one of the major reasons behind swelling during pregnancy since it causes the body to retain water. Many individuals think that they should get rid of the salt that they consume all together during this time. However, this is not to be done.

Our body needs a required quantity of salt to function properly. Hence, the right amount of salt should be consumed during pregnancy and overdoses should be avoided to prevent swelling in the feet. A well-balanced diet also helps to control swollen feet during pregnancy. This is something that one should follow, even when one is not pregnant.

Wearing any kind of tight garments like jeans or trousers increases the pressure on the feet. This in turn causes swelling in the feet. Hence, wearing tight clothes should be avoided.Another trick is to make certain that one does not lay in one spot for a long time. This does not allow the fluid to settle down in one part of the body and cause swelling. One should change positions while sitting or lying down.Swelling of the body, specially the feet during pregnancy makes one overweight, unattractive, and causes lack of energy. Hence, one should follow the above-mentioned tips to avoid swollen feet during pregnancy.

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