How To Prune Plants In Your Garden

Specially the flower and fruit plants require pruning by late winter and early spring (the January season) as it helps them bloom fresh with fragrance. The old leaves, roots and twigs need not be discarded by preserved in a pot where all your vegetable peels and remains are preserved. This serves as an excellent compost to the plant. The very reason why need to prune plants is because the dry leaves and twigs block the growth of the plant and may attract bugs that will gradually kill the existing healthy plant. Apart from regular watering and sunshade, pruning is also an important task that needs to be carried out after the plants start shedding old blooms.Here are some ways to prune plants in your garden.

Ways to prune plants in your garden are:

1.Pruning Tools: These tools are necessary quick trimming of plants. The box will consist of pruning shears, loppers (scissors like), saws etc.

2.Chop of only those branches that are dry, broken or diseased. While cutting branches, see to it that you don’t disturb the upcoming ones. Use loppers for the same.

3.It is the leaves that require sunlight to remain green but the old leaves block light on the new ones and prevent growth. Hand shears can be used to cut such leaves and twigs. The dry, discoloured, bug bite leaves will need to be chopped off to help the plant to re-grow.

4.When To Prune: Every flowering plant bloom at different time of the year, for example may flowers bloom in may, lilies during summer etc. Depending upon their blooming season, the flowering plants need pruning. But, to add to your surprise, most flowering plants bloom during summer.

5.Soil Care: Clear the chopped dry leaves and twigs from the soil bed and mix a spoon full of compost every once in a week. Water the plants whenever the soil goes dry.

Home gardening is nowadays gaining a lot of popularity as more and more people are coming to know the importance of having plants and greenery at home. Green is soothing to the eyes and de-stresses by maintaining a healthy atmosphere at home.

These are the ways to prune plants in garden.

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