How To Know That She Is Not Interested

If you have been eyeing a woman since long, either in your street or in your office, you would surely be interested in knowing whether she likes you or not.Before proposing someone, it is always safe to know whether that person likes you or not. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to take a no as an answer.But just because she is talking to you or looking at you doesn’t mean that she will marry you.You can directly go to her and start a conversation. Even if it is a one minute conversation, the way she looks at you and talks to you can speak volumes about her intentions.Here are some ways to know that she is not interested.

Ways to know that she is not interested are:

1.She Doesn’t Look At You: When you try to look at her to greet her with your eyes, she doesn’t even care to look at you. This is one sign that she isn’t interested in you anymore.

2.She Doesn’t Respond Well: If you wish to know how she reacts, just go to her and ask a random question. Ask her about the latest news or politics or TV shows or some information about your city. She won’t respond well. That is a clear sign she isn’t interested in you anymore. Stop eating her head and find someone else.

3.She Doesn’t Show Any Interest: When you are very enthusiastic in starting something new, she on the other hand, lacks any interest even in talking to you. This clearly means that she doesn’t want the relationship. It is time to let her go.

4.She Yells At You When You Try To Go Deeper: Generally, men tend to get a bit intrusive when a woman lets them have a conversation. If she likes you, she would enjoy your advances but if she hates you, she will yell at you loudly that you would feel like running away. That is a good sign that she isn’t meant for you.

5.She Stops Helping You: If you have been friends for sometime, she may stop helping you or doing favours if she isn’t interested in you anymore.

6.She Looks Elsewhere When You Are Talking: When you are talking to her, if she is looking elsewhere, it clearly means that she is diverted and is bored with you.

7.She Speaks To Everyone Except You: If she speaks openly with everyone but is silent in your company, it is a good sign that she isn’t interested in you anymore. Leave her alone and move on.

These are the ways to know that she is not interested.

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