How To Keep Your Study Room Clean


Keeping the house clean is a main priority for most of us. Especially when kids are around cleaning becomes a major concern as they tend to make the house and their study room untidy. While cleaning the house we must make sure that every room of the house is intact and kept tidy.An untidy study room is often the hallmark of a teenaged child. During exams the study rooms tends to get messy and dirty with papers & books spread across. A clean room leads to a peaceful mind. Even though you may not care how your room looks like, it still affects you as well as your studies.Here are some tips to keep your study room tidy.

Tips to keep your study room tidy are:

1.Plan what is essential, preferable and unnecessary for your room. This will help you to decide what is necessary and what is not.

2.If some of the things are not required during the exams, find a storage space. Make use of desk drawers, closets, space under the bed, and q spare room. Create a system for storing clothes, both clean and dirty. Try using a tampon holder for pencils and books.

3.Place your books and study materials in a specific area. Place books on the table or shelf near your bed for easy access. This way, you’ll know where to find them whenever you need them.

4.Store extra shoes in a tray under your bed. Just pull the tray out when you need a new pair.

5.Do not bring food or drinks into your study room. Things can easily spill and then you would have to clean up the entire area. In addition, insects like ants would come. Prevent this by having your food and drinks in the kitchen or living room. If you have to bring drinks, use a bottle instead.

6.Place a hook on the back of your door and hang up your coat, bag etc there. Place your shoes near the door. You’ll be able to find them more easily when you need to get ready to go somewhere and will also keep your room tidy.

These are the tips to keep your study room tidy.

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