How To Keep Bathroom Tidy All The Time

Following are a few habits that you must include in your daily routine to keep your bathroom sparkling and glowing at all times.

1.Always Empty Your Trash:  Can Make it a point to empty your trash can every day because if the garbage in it piles up, it can result in a strong foul odour in your bathroom.

2. Always Remember To Turn On The Exhaust Fan:  In order to keep the air in your bathroom fresh every time you use it, just make sure to switch on your exhaust fan. Before leaving, remember to turn it off.

3. Try to Multitask: Try swirling water all over your sink while cleaning your mouth, so that there are no toothpaste clumps after you have done brushing.

4. Spray Your Shower Walls After A Bath: After having a refreshing bath, won’t you be able to take a couple of minutes to clean the surrounding walls? A mixture of water and vinegar works wonders in cleaning the shower walls.

5. Don’t Ignore Your Shower Head:  Just before retiring to bed, soak your shower head in vinegar. You will see a sparkling shower head the next morning.

6. Keep A Clothes’ Hamper In Your Bathroom: Some people have a tendency to throw their clothes on the bathroom floor. This makes the entire bathroom look very messy all the time.

7. Use A Bathroom Squeegee For Your Tub:  Clean your tub with a squeegee every time you finish your bath. Making this a daily habit would help you prevent mildew and bacteria build-up in the tub.

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