How To Get Rid Of The Post Pregnancy Flab

Post pregnancy women are left with a flabby stomach because the uterus had grown bigger to accommodate the baby and have been like that for the past so many months. It will take time to reduce and it most cases it does not return to a flat belly. To avoid this we need to work out. Before starting up with the exercises let us understand, which part of the stomach needs to be worked out for a flat belly.The abdominal muscle which you should work out after pregnancy is the Transverse Abdominal muscle. This muscle runs across the abdomen and compresses the stomach. So, our aim should be to help this muscle compress.Here are some ways to get rid of the post pregnancy flab.

Ways to get rid of the post pregnancy flab are:

1.Stand straight and pull your belly button inwards. Use your muscles to do that and breath normally.

2.Lie on your back with legs bend and feet on the ground. Press your abdomen gently and pull your head to touch your legs.

3.Lie on your back with legs bent. Put your hands behind your head. Pull yourself up without any support and touch your right knee with your left elbow.

4.Lie on your back with hands under your buttocks and back resting on the ground. Raise one leg to 10 inches and hold the position for some time. Then, while lowering one leg pull up another leg. Do this for five times.

5.After 6 to 12 weeks of delivery you can start with push ups. Lie on your back. Holding your head with your hand lift your head and shoulder slowly from the ground. Hold the position for sometime and get back to the normal position.

Avoid sugar and honey.Eat meat only twice a week.Add more of green vegetables to your diet.Fruits rather than fruit juice is more beneficial.Drink plenty of water.Avoid carbohydrates and increase intake of protein.


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