How To Get Back To Shape Without Starving


All the extensive dieting schedules and exercise regimes do not show long term effects, not because they are ineffective but they cannot be followed forever. It is not realistic to leave carbohydrates or workout for 5-6 hours daily for common folks regularly, with the heavy work schedules and unlimited family commitments.Losing weight has always been a mantra for all those who have even an inch extra. Obesity is often a cause of various health issues that a person is suffering from or might have later in the life, so one should not really take a chance.Here are some ways to get back to shape without starving.

Ways to get back to shape without starving are:

1.Hydration: Have tons of water to see the effect on ‘don’t starve and get back to shape’ motto. Try a little warm water instead of ice cold to see faster and better effects on the flab.

2.Walking & Exercise: A little workout is extremely essential to the process of “don’t starve and get back to shape”. Try walking a little at first combined with about 15-20 minutes of gym workout along with weights.

3.Breakfast Mantra: Follow the mantra of “breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a peasant”, to see instant effects of tips to get back to shape.

4.Paleo Plan: Paleo plan or the cave man diet is the new fad in the “don’t starve and get back to shape” list as it emphasizes on the importance of raw food intake, such as fruits and vegetable.

5.No Snacking: Avoiding snacks between meals is a great inclusion in tips to get back to shape list as mostly it is the mid meal eating that collects around the body in form of fat.

6.Eat Slowly: Take your own sweet time to eat and try to take smaller bites to get the desired satisfaction from the meal, but avoid overeating at all costs.

7.Honey And Cinnamon: Helps Don’t starve and get back to shape is easier to follow with the honey-cinnamon method to shed the extra pounds. Take half a spoon of cinnamon powder with one table spoon of honey and boil it in water. Drink this half an hour before breakfast and just before sleeping at night.

8.Sleep Well: A good night’s sleep is highly essential for a fresh mind and a healthy body. Don’t underestimate the effects of sufficient sleep on weight loss.

9.Include Whole Grains: Whole grains provide you with the desired nutrition and yet do not add to the weight. This is mainly because polished and processed grains have extra fats attached to them.

10.No Alcohol & Avoid Sugar: Reduce the intake of sugar to minimum and avoid alcohol completely to see immediate effects on your weight loss regime.

These are the ways to get back to shape without starving.

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