How To Design And Dress Your Bed Differently


For winter, you can go for some deep colours like dark greens, peacock blues and wine reds. Apart from different ways to make a bed we will also suggest on how to match walls and home accessories with the designs.These are the ways to design and dress your bed differntly.

Different ways to design and dress your bed differently are:

1.If you like too many colours in your room, you can go for a colourful floral quilt and matching cushions. A floral portrait on a light coloured wall, a simple light coloured bedspread with lot of prints on the pillows as well as the quilt will be a beautiful combination.

2.You like bright whites, then spread a cotton bedsheet on your mattress with soft white pillows and colourful silk cushions. The pinks, reds and oranges/ blues, greens and yellows are preferable cushion mix and match choices. A simple painting on a white wall, two table lamps on either sides of the bed give life to the look.

3.If you prefer choosing sober colours like off whites, jute yellows and light browns, then it is definitely a good idea. Combine the jute, tussar with bed linen and combine them the trendiest way. A jute quilt gives warmth while tussar cushion add all the elegance. The clay pots filled with flower petals and candles look dazzling at night.

4.If you love metallic beds, you can give a cottage look to your room by selecting a patch work/ embroideries/ tie-n-dye bedspreads look very homely and warm. Old ancestral photo frames can add to the effect.
5. If you like stripes for the wall then you can as well match with the bedding that are decorated striped razai.

To make and dress a bed:

1.Remove the used linen, wrap and fold them into a laundry bag. Spread a bottom sheet on the bed and slip the ends under the mattress.

2.The top sheet can be covered and left untucked (or only tuck the corners near pillows). Do not forget that quilt will cover the top sheet.

3.The blanket or razai can also be over the bed (semi folded) with ends tucked well below. Place the pillows below the sheet and cover it with colourful cushions.

These are the different ways to dress and make bed.

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