How To Decorate Dining Table With Flowers

Your dining room decorations can be called complete if only your centre table is set. Although there are various ways of decorating dining tables such as with food, table cloth and cutlery, there are also many other ways which can make the room look very pleasing and fragrant, we are talking about the dining table decorations with flowers.Here are some ways to decorate dining table with flowers.

Ways to decorate dining table with flowers are:

1.Bouquet, Ikebana Or Bonsai – If you can make use of nature for decorating then nothing like it as there is no expense. A vase of fresh flowers, or Ikebana or even just a bonsai plant will look good and also attract attention as a centerpiece.

(a)Placing At The Centre: If it is an oval or a round dining table, then bouquets can be at the centre.

(b)Placing In Corners: If it is a Square or a rectangle table top, then the bouquets can be at the corner.

2.With Just A Stalk Of A Flower: It need not have to be always a bunch of flowers, but even a fresh stalk (like Rose or Gladiola) would look really nice. For those who feel big bunches to be space occupying or small tables, this idea would work the best.

(a)Near Every Plate: A small vase can be placed near each plate and a stalk of flower can decorate the vase. This arrangement looks good for big tables.

(b)Placing the Flower Stalk On The Napkin: If there are kids at home then there will be all chances of the kids breaking vase, cutlery, pots etc so in such a case just arranging a flower stalk on the napkin would look simple and beautiful.

3.Dining Table Decorations With Colourful Petals – Flowers are not the only way to decorate even the petals can be used for the decor. A stencil can be drawn on the table and colourful petals can be placed on the pattern. Looks simply unique and pleasant.

(a)Decorating At The Centre: A beautiful design relating to the occasion can be drawn at the centre of the table and petals can be arranged accordingly.

(b)Decorating Around Every Plate: Petals can even outline the plates and glasses.

4.A Glass Bowl with Petals And Pebbles: You may also place a glass bowl in the center of the table, place some pebbles at the bottom, fill it up with water and float some petals.

5.Dry Flower Dining Table Decorations: A vase decorated with dried flowers and pinecones also look exquisite. These are the best as they are long living.

These are the ways to decorate dining table with flowers.

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