How To Deal With Lazy Afternoons At Work


It is easy to work in the morning, boosting your energy levels with a heavenly cup of coffee. You are fuelled by last minute panic to work frantically late into the night. But what do you do during those lazy afternoons at work where all you want to do is rest your head on your keyboard and drift off to sleep.Your lunch hour has left you feeling comfortably satiated, your eyes are drooping, your head is buzzing and you just cannot concentrate on your work. You need to boost your energy levels during those sluggish afternoons.Here are some ways to deal with lazy afternoons at work.

Ways to deal with lazy lazy afternoons at work are:

1.Quick Walk: An easy way to feel refreshed is by taking a quick walk outside. Soak in the natural beauty and breath the fresh air. The walk will get your blood pumping. This will also keep your body and mind alert. The best way to do this is to have your lunch outside in a park. You can burn off those extra calories walking back and make sure you do not doze off.

2.Clean Up: When you feel as though you are running out of steam, start sorting through your desk and arranging it. This is a good way to de-clutter your desk while fighting the afternoon slump. You can also clear out your inbox. These are tasks that do not require a lot of concentration and will leave you feeling energised.

3.Phone Calls: To avoid the afternoon blues, make that phone call you have been putting off. Call up an old college mate to catch up or a close friend to make plans for the weekend. You can even call your spouse, children or parents to remind them that you were thinking about them, even during your hectic work schedule. This will boost your mood and make them love you for the thoughtfulness you displayed.

4.Music Therapy: Put on those headphones and blast some music into your ears to jolt your senses into awareness. You can even sing along. This is an excellent way to reinvigorate yourself. Tap your feet to your all time favourite tracks and see how you get your work done in record time.

5.Chocolate Time: There is never a bad time to have chocolate. But having a huge slab of dark chocolate when you are feeling sluggish and sleepy is the best way to wake yourself up without caffeine. Dark chocolate is healthy as long as you eat in moderation, as it contains high levels of antioxidants and healthy fat. So the best time to get a chocolate high would be during your afternoon doldrums.

These are the ways to deal with lazy afternoons at work.

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