How To Clean And Maintain Cushions

Couch cushions get dirty very easily and therefore requires regular cleaning. Apart from changing cushion covers and couch cushions monthly, you have to know how to clean the cushions and maintain them. Here are some tips to clean and maintain cushions.

Tips to clean and maintain cushions are:

1.Vacuum cleaning is one of the simplest ways to clean cushions. Through this, you can remove dirt and keep it clean. If you don’t get time to vacuum clean everyday then make it a routine to clean at least twice a week.

2.It is good to put cushions under sun once in a week. This kills germs and removes dirt from the cushion.

3.Always wash your cushion and covers to maintain couch cushions. You can either dry clean your cushions.

4.At home you can steam wash and clean couch cushions. For covers, read the fabric label before washing.

5.Couch cushions get stains such as pet urine, oily hair, food stains etc so, it is important to remove stains immediately.

6.Use a wet cloth piece and rub on the stain in cushion. You can air dry or use a fan/hair dryer to dry instantly.

7.If your cushion cover is hand washable, use detergent solution to remove stains.

8.To get rid of pet smell from cushions, use cloth spray or else rub with detergent solution. You can also add a pinch baking powder in half bucket water.

9.One simple tip to clean cushions is, use naphthalene balls to remove stinky smell from cushions.

These are the tips to clean and maintain cushions.

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