Honda Crosstourer

Honda launched the Crosstourer globally and now Honda is readying its guns to point towards the Indian market. Honda is preparing to launch its premium adventure tourer in the Indian market.The Crosstourer delivers brilliant on and off road touring capabilities by combining sports touring features,such as the powerful V4 engine configuration also found in the VFR1200F,with features found on off road motorcycles such as long travel suspension and an upright riding position.This crossover between two biking genres makes the Crosstourer a unique and versatile package. Long travel suspension a feature of off road machinery smoothes travel over rough terrain or on uneven road surfaces.The rugged suspension system also enhances ride quality and handling. The upright riding position provides comfort and command and outstanding visibility for the rider.

The 1237cc V4 engine installed for the first time in a Honda adventure sports touring motorcycle has been optimised for stronger low and medium rpm drive,delivering smooth power to make the Crosstourer feel effortless in a rider’s hands on long distance rides.It also comes equipped with Hondas DCT which ensures seamless and even smoother gear changes in any of its three riding modes making the Crosstourer a supremely versatile motorcycle. Using two electronically controlled clutches,the system offers the choice of manual gear shifting and two fully automatic modes,one for general use and another for high performance riding.The Crosstourer’s Dual Clutch Transmission also features new software logic with added functionality.

It also comes with Hondas C-ABS which effectively balances front and rear braking control for smooth operation. At the same time, the Antilock Braking System provides extra reassurance and offers more confidence in braking power in unexpected or extreme situations. It might not be as rugged or as extreme as the R1200GS but at the same time it would be a very good bike for those looking for a comfortable mile muncher without going extreme. It is expected to launch by the last quarter of 2013 and should be placed between the price range of 16-18 lakh rupees. Like all the other Honda biggies it will also be here via CBU route. We are keeping a keen eye on any development related to the bike and will be the first ones to let you know about it.

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