Homemade Exfoliators For Your Skin


Exfoliating the skin holds a great prominence in the daily skin care regimen. It is one of the essential steps that you should not skip. Our skin gets dull due to its exposure to harmful sun rays, dirt and pollution. Exfoliating the skin, on a regular basis, is necessary to maintain a healthy skin. Scrubbing removes the dead skin and helps in maintaining a healthy complexion. It removes black heads and white heads and makes the skin look refreshing. It even effectively cures acne and pimples.

There are a whole lot of products available in the market that help in exfoliating the skin. However, these products may damage your skin in the long run due to its harsh chemical content. Therefore, home remedies work great in exfoliating the skin.Here are some homemade exfoliators.

Homemade exfoliators are:

1.Lemon, Epsom Salt And Olive Oil: Combination of lemon, epsom salt and olive oil is a great home-made natural scrub. Epsom salt removes the dead skin, the bleaching property of the lemon lightens the skin tone, olive oil hydrates the skin and makes it soft and supple.

2.Almond And Honey: Grind a handful of almonds, mix it up with a tablespoonful of honey. This mixture works as a natural exfoliator. It lifts the dead skin and deeply nourishes the skin. The antibacterial property of honey also assists in clearing up the blemishes.

3.Olive Oil And Sugar: Olive oil and sugar is a popular natural scrub one can use to get soft and supple skin. Just mix some amount of olive oil to sugar. Use it as a scrub and you will be amazed with its results.

4.Sugar And Water: Sugar and water is one of the simplest and easy home-made remedies that you can use to get rid of dead skin. This simple mixture works wonders in making the skin soft by removing the dead skin.

5.Oatmeal And Buttermilk: Oatmeal and buttermilk is yet another popular natural scrub. Mix 2 spoons of buttermilk with 1 spoon of powdered oatmeal. Use this mixture as a scrub to get that radiant glow on your skin.

6.Crushed Strawberries: Crushed strawberries not only exfoliate the skin, but also remove excess oil from the skin. It can be used once a week for best results.

7.Epsom Salt: Epsom salt is the best way to brush away the dead skin. Just mix some amount of epsom salt with water and use it as a body exfoliator. This scrub cannot be used on the face due to its harsh nature.

These are the homemade exfoliators for your skin.

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