Home Remedy To Reduce Menstrual Pain

Here is a home remedy which can help reduce period pain.

Ingredients Required:

Alcohol (preferably vodka or brandy) – 4 tablespoons

Lavender Essential Oil – 2 tablespoon

This natural remedy to reduce menstrual pain, right at home, can prove to be very helpful when used on a regular basis, in the right quantities. Even if you do not notice a difference in pain, the first month you use this remedy, patience is key, because the remedy will work gradually, usually from the second month of use. Along with using this remedy, one must also make sure to avoid eating inflammatory foods like oily/spicy snacks, during the periods, as they can only worsen the cramps.

In addition, regular exercise is also known to help reduce the occurrence of period pain, as exercise can balance your hormones.

Method Of Use:

First apply the lavender essential oil in and around the naval area and massage gently for a few minutes.  Next, repeat the same process with alcohol.  You can use cotton swabs to apply these ingredients on your bellybutton.  Repeat this process every time you experience menstrual cramps.

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