Home Remedies To Get Rid Of House Odours


It is said that making home improvements not only beautifies your home but can also increase its overall value. Likewise, keeping your house odour free will definitely make it a better place to live in.Many people feel embarrassed to invite their friends home because the house has bad odour. Even pet odour and carpets odour can be really annoying. Making your house odour free could be a tough task as it involves a lot of cleaning that could take a toll on your energy.Here are some ways to get rid of house odours.

Ways to get rid of home odours naturally are:

1.Keep your dustbins smell free: Many of us make the mistake of dumping wet waste and dry waste into the kitchen dustbin. This eventually gives out a foul smell that spreads all over the house. Make sure you clean your dustbin thoroughly just like you clean your house, in order to remove smell from your house. Cut a lemon, orange or any other citrus fruit and keep them around the dustbin. Add a cup of white vinegar to water and then wash the dustbin. Citrus fruits are known to be natural odour absorbers and thus, this is a good remedy to keep your house clean.

2.Remove carpet odour: Carpets look elegant in the house and we are all fond of carpets and so do our pets, who find the carpets cosy and comfortable. If your pets are not trained, they also tend to urinate on your carpet making it dirtier and eventually smelly. In order to get rid of the pet odour from your carpet , mix one part vinegar with three parts water and rub it on the carpet with a cloth. Then rinse the carpet with water and let it dry under the fan. Using this method helps in removing the stink from your house.

3.Your refrigerator needs to be checked: Many of us use the refrigerator as a dumping ground. Sometimes we even forget to check the groceries and food that we keep in the refrigerator. The vegetables, meat and fruits will eventually emit bad smell when they are unused for long. In order to eliminate the odour, use baking soda and sodium bicarbonate. This mixture can absorb the odour. Keep this mixture in one of the shelves of the refrigerator in order to ward off the bad odour.

4.Get rid of the overpowering smells of the spices: If you use a lot of spices in your food, then it is natural that the smell gets ingrained into the corners of the rooms and cabinets. Though lot of cleaning is done, the smell of these spices still lingers around the house. To get rid of this, boil a cup of vinegar on the gas stove. The vapours that release into the air cuts the smell of spices. The smell of vinegar may linger around the house for a while but will fade away soon, leaving your home fresh.

These are the home remedies to get rid of house odours.

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