Home Decoration Tips With Candles

Candles are great elements to enhance the style of your home decor, the feel that you are trying to create in a space in your home for relaxation or as a backup when the electricity goes away.These sacred wax art pieces add both visual and actual warmth to any room of the home. They help to create an ambiance and a general decor, and they offer extra lighting as well.Here are some home decoration tips with candles.

Home decoration tips with candles are:

1.Choose candles that complement your home decor or the specific theme for which they are being used. Keep in mind the textures that you want to accomplish with your candle choices as well. Also think about the stylish holders, containers or plates that will be needed to hold the candles and complement the decor as well.

2.Use candles to decorate your tables. Pillar or votive candles are particularly good for accenting coffee or end tables. They can be placed in individual holders or clustered together on a plate or inside a bowl. Taper, tea light, votive and floating candles, as well as pillars, can decorate a dining or kitchen table with equal ease.

3.Use candles to accent cabinets or countertops, mixing and matching them with other items that are used to decorate those areas. For example, if your kitchen theme is fruity, then place artificial grapes or other types of fruit around candles or candle holders to accent the overall decor.

4.Put candles on decorative wall sconces that blend in with your overall home decor.

5.Place various size candles all around the bathroom to establish a relaxing mood for a luxurious bath. Choose pillars for long-term use or tea lights, votives or floating candles that can be changed out from time to time.

6.Place candles all around the bedroom to establish the mood for a night of love and passion. Making love by candlelight is both romantic and sensual.

7.Use candles in place of knickknacks, figurines, vases and plants. Place one or two on a stack of hardback books for a touch of sophistication and elegance. Use pillars with specially chosen decorative holders or with stunning hurricanes for a particular type of decor such as Victorian, Art Decor or Colonial.

8.Use candles as home decor designs for parties or special events. For example, for a tropical-themed event, place a bit of sand into a large clam shell and nest a tea light in the center. These can be used to accent a food table or a bar. During the spring, mix candles with spring-colored silk flowers to brighten up home decor. For Christmas, surround white candles by red bulbs on a crystal plate as an interior decor accessory for the festive flair.

9.Paint special designs on your candles and candle holders for home decor. For example, if you have a nautical theme, paint anchors or lighthouses on your candles; for a romantic bedroom, paint flowers.

10.Design candles and candle holders with seashells, rocks, crystals, jewels and beading to jazz them up for your home decor to establish a particular theme.

These are the home decoration tips with candles.

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