Home Decoration Ideas With Painted Terracotta

Painted Terracotta is the best chemical free interior accessories for your home decor. Colorful Terra cotta when decorated look colorful and unique. Terracotta pots are not only for the interiors but can also be for outdoor/garden decor. Your plants can have colorful painted earthen pots (if you know how to paint terracotta in these steps below) rather than the plain ones. Indian terra cotta is also in great trend these days, those colorful lamps, bells, different types of pots look simply ethnic for exteriors as well as the interiors.Here are some home decoration ideas with painted terracotta.

Home decoration ideas with painted terracotta are:

1.To start with, wipe the pot (both inside and outside) to ensure it is clean.

2.With a paintbrush apply the primer evenly and let the pot to dry.

3.Trace a design of choice on the pot and use a sealant before you start painting so that the color doesn’t spread unevenly on the surface.

4.Paint your terracotta with colors of choice (paint with plastic gloves on hand so that the chemicals in paint don’t irritate your skin).

5.Also stick glitters or sequences so that the pot shines bright in dark when the lights are on.

These are the home decoration ideas with painted terracotta.

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