High Court quashes Vigilance case against Senkumar

Observing ‘some forces’ were at work against T.P Senkumar after he assumed charge as the state police chief, the Kerala High Court on Friday quashed a Vigilance case against him on a complaint related to granting of a loan while he was managing director of the Kerala Transport Development Finance Corporation.

The order said Senkumar had been in service for over three decades and secured ‘full marks’ in efficiency when he was unceremoniously thrown out of the post of the state police chief.

A Single Judge of the court issued the order on the petition filed by Senkumar challenging the Thiruvananthapuram Vigilance Special Court’s directive ordering quick verification on a complaint by CPI(M) leader A.J Sukarno.

The complaint alleged Senkumar acted beyond his authority to sanction two loans of Rs 10 crore each to a person named Salim.

The petitioner submitted two successive governments – first of which was the Left Democratic Front and second by the United Democratic Front – had given him 10 out of 10 on evaluation of efficiency.

The present LDF Government came to power on May 25, 2016, and after six days, Senkumar was thrown out of the post of the state police chief.

However, the Supreme Court quashed the decision and asked to reinstate him in service in April.

The Vigilance case is to prevent the possibility of him being appointed as the member of Kerala Administrative Tribunal.

A committee headed by the Chief Justice of Kerala had recommended him to the post, he submitted.

While quashing the complaint against Senkumar and other further proceedings before the Vigilance Court, the Single Judge observed some forces had been at work against the petitioner since he became the state police chief.

“The complainant was only a tool in their hands”, the court observed.

“The court will be failing in its duty if it did not quash the complaint which was filed only to make sure the petitioner was not appointed a member of KAT. The court will be doing a disservice to the cause of justice if it does not put an end to the complaint which is a gross abuse of the process of the court”, the order stated.


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