Health Benefits Of Garlic


Garlic is used to treat a variety of medical health conditions. This food plant grows in many parts of the world and is one of the popular and key ingredients in cooking due to its strong smell and delicious taste.Garlic is rich in Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, Fiber and many more nutrients. This is the reason why is it very nutritious and has many health benefits.Apart from the taste and flavour it gives to our food, it has many medicinal values too. To get the maximum health benefits of garlic, one can make juice out of it and have a spoon of it early morning.Here are some health benefits of garlic.

Health benefits of garlic are:

1.High Blood Pressure: Garlic is known to be the best thing to reduce high blood pressure. Include few pods of garlic in your daily diet and see a significant drop in your blood pressure.

2.Tick Bites: Studies suggest that people who consumed more of garlic in their diet were less prone to tick bites.

3.Fungal Infection: Crush a garlic pod and apply the juice on the affected area. This helps to reduce the growth of fungal infection, especially in case of ringworms. This is due to a chemical present in the garlic know as ajoene. This acts on the fungal infection.

4.Clears Hardened Arteries: Intake of garlic helps to clear the hardened arteries. As you age, your arteries lose their ability to stretch and flex. A lot of cholestrol accumulates resulting in hardened arteries. Include more garlic in diet to avoid this. This is one of the unique health benefits of onions.

5.Prevents Colon Cancers: Studies suggest that eating garlic regularly reduces the risk of developing colon and rectal cancers. It can reduce the risk of new tumor development as well.

6.Diarrhea: This helps to destroy the harmful bacteria that causes diarrheoa.

7.Earaches: This is one the unique health benefit of garlic. Squeeze few pods of garlic and apply the juice on the backside of the ear lobes. This helps you to get relief from earache.

8.Increases Libido: Having garlic regularly helps to boost your libido level. It is effective in both men and women. This is due to the aphrodisiac quality present in the garlic.

9.Diabetes: It can ease the side effects of diabetes. Include a good amount of garlic in your diet to control your cholesterol levels which helps to reduce the side effects of diabetes.

10.Boosts Immune System: This is another benefit of using garlic in your diet. It helps to boost the immune system when consumed on a regular basis.

11.Reduces Itchiness: If you are having itchy feeling after any insect bite, then just apply some garlic juice onto it. It gives you instant relief. This is another benefit of garlic.

12.Toothache: To get relief from toothache chew few pods of garlic. This helps to get relief from toothache.

These are the health benefits of garlic.

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