Hang Pictures Without Using Nails

Tips to hang pictures without using nails:

Tape: You can stick a picture and use it to decorate your walls and house interiors without bothering much about breaking the wall. Just apply a thick roll of the tape on the corners of the picture and then press the frame or picture on the wall. Press it tightly so that the tape sticks. Buy a tape that is wall resistant so that the wall paint doesn’t come out when you pluck the picture. Also see that the tape doesn’t leave a mark on the picture.

Sticky plastic hangers: These hangers look like a hook that can be stuck to the wall. It is common tip to hang pictures without using nails or a hammer. They stick to the wall and the plastic hook can be used to hang the picture or frame. Use a thread to hang the picture if it is difficult to insert the round shaped hook. The sticky plastic hangers leave a mark on the wall so be very careful before sticking them on the wall.

Poster putty: Putty is commonly used to stick items on the wall or block leakage. Poster putty is especially meant for hanging posters, frames or pictures without using nails and hammers. The method to use the putty is similar to a tape. The tape is ready made and you have to make balls out of the putty. Stick the rolled balls on the ends and middles of the picture so that the picture or frame doesn’t come out. Putty is very good as it hardly leaves any visible spot on the wall and is easy to take out and reposition.

Ribbon and clips: It is a stylish way to decorate your kids room or study room. If you follow this tip, you do need any nail or hammer to hang the picture. Just tie a ribbon on the plastic hanger. Now use clips to hang the pictures. You can even use your creativity to make a collage out of this design.

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