Grow These Fruit Vines In Your Home Garden

Growing some fruit vines at home is both rewarding and fun. Plants with relatively weak stem that need a support to grow are known as vines. Nothing can beat its sweet rewards. Fruit vines like grapes and kiwi not only provide us with fruit supplements but also enhance the beauty of our homes. Add that vintage touch to your household with our gardening ideas. Fruit vines are ornamental. They also provide an excellent shade for gatherings in the outdoors of a household. Here are some fruit vines to grow in your home garden.

Fruit vines to grow in your home garden are:

1.Grape Vine: Among all the vines to be grown at home this one is the most popular. If you grow grapes at home it can also be ideally processed into jams, jellies or wine. There are several varieties of grape to be chosen from. You can go with the black, green or red. Each of them has a distinctive flavour of it’s own. Grape vines can live up to 50 years.But before you grow grapes make sure the area you plant the vines is well drained. Buy the buds in early spring. But before planting them make a trench and trellis for the plants to grow properly. They do not need pruning until they grow strong. Use these gardening ideas to have a blast of grapes in your orchard.

2.Kiwi: If you have a mild winter and a frost free season then you can easily grow kiwi in your garden. Growing kiwi requires space as they spread quite a bit. Inside out kiwi is a very cute looking fruit. Rich in nutrients this fruit will be extremely loved by children and adults alike. Just make sure that the land you plant this wonder fruit in is well drained. There must be a minimum spacing of 10-15 feet between each plant. Prune them annually.

3.Passion fruit: Passion fruit is one of the most beautiful fruit vines to be grown in your backyard. Plant them in a sunny spot and allow ample space for the roots to grow properly. A wire fence would be an ideal place to grow this vine. Get started in spring. You can have this fruit raw or can also make jams and jellies out of it.

4.Rockmelon: Almost all melons grow in vines. But rockmelons are the best option among them as they are very sweet and grow easily. You can make salads, juices, shakes, or even jams and jellies out of this fruit. Select the patch of land that gets enough sun and has a good drainage. Plant it in the months between September to March as they grow well in a sunny climate.

These are the fruit vines to grow in your home garden.

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