Good and Tough Phases Of Married Life

Any relationship tends to have its own phases. Some phases are very good and some are tough to endure. In relationships also a lot of factors affected.

After 3 years

There is a popular opinion that love fades away in any relationship after a span of 3 years. But on the contrary, the bond between couples strengthens after 3 years. That is the time a couple starts accepting the weaknesses of each other.

After 5 Years

Most of the current surveys indicate that the 5th year could be crucial. If there are no kids by then, couples may argue on that topic.

After 7 Years

The 7th year is another phase which can jolt married life once again after the 5th year. Generally, relationship experts term the 7th year as “The Concrete Wall”.
Lack Of Listening Skills

During an argument, if both the partners keep throwing frustration then the chances of divorce increase.


Money plays a very crucial role in married life. There are many couples who file for divorce due to unresolved issues related to money.

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