Goa govt launches motorcycle ambulance service

The Goa government launched a motorcycle ambulance service to provide quick medical help to patients in need in the coastal state.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar unveiled a batch of 20 two-wheeler ambulances which would be deputed in high risk areas like the coastal belt.

These motorbikes will be equipped with medical facilities, including oxygen cylinders. 

Parrikar told that these two-wheeler ambulances would be the first response vehicles which will reach to a person in emergency providing him the necessary medical relief.

“They are fitted with all equipment required to revive a patient. These two-wheelers will not get stuck in traffic and are capable to reach inaccessible and narrow areas.

“Four-wheeler ambulances will follow this two- wheeler ones,” the Chief Minister said.

The two-wheeler ambulance will revive and stabilise a patient who will be carried to the hospital in the regular four-wheeler ambulance, Parrikar said.


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